July Voneus Update

Hello everyone, I hope this communication finds you well during this unprecedented time.

I wanted to give you all a quick update on things as I am conscious I have not said much recently.

Firstly, the build is still going ahead, all be it with some changes.

A: The build name, which was originally called AMM (Ashton, Manley, Mouldsworth) it has now been renamed as Alvanley

The reason for this is that the most likely place for the build to begin is in Alvanley Village, this is due to the location of the fibre and the amount of properties which can take advantage of the service.

We were really struggling to get the required assistance from AMM's community members to host the main equipment as I have said before, I appreciate everyone who has put their name forward to assist but unfortunately due to a number of factors have been unable to do so.

B: Voneus are once more assessing the local area of Alvanley and are awaiting the fibre companies already there, to supply routing information to Voneus to ensure they can design the network effectively.

As I say, the build is still going ahead, all be it with Voneus starting with a clean slate with some major changes to how it looked at the beginning. COVID-19 has no doubt knocked us back for timescales which has not helped.

I am awaiting news on the results from the fibre companies and will update accordingly when I have more information for all of you.

Once more, thank you for your patience. I fully appreciate internet has been a necessity over the last few months as well as a frustration for so many including myself.

Fingers crossed as things start to return to a new normal this will eventually be completed and we can bask in the speeds and reliability we deserve as a rural community.

As a well-known stout company once said 'Good things come to those that wait'

Stay safe everyone!



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