February 2020 Update

Hello all, I have some information to provide you on the build of the broadband service in our area.

Some of the information was new to me and raised an eyebrow, but ultimatley it is nothing to worry about.

As I've said before, these things take time and longer than we would like, as long as we are heading in the right direction, I am happy with that. That said, I appreciate peoples frustrations.

Many residents have asked when the go live date is, as they are coming to the end of their current contracts. I still do not have a firm date yet, it seems that when we have a guided date something comes up and it gets pushed further back. These earlier delays in fairness have not been the result of Voneus.

Please see correspondance below from Adam Goodman (Voneus Project Manager)

The project went on hold at our end as we have a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and she wanted to check viability on all outstanding projects. I am happy (relieved) that she is happy so I can push on. We also have a new Acquisitions chap who is responsible for, as his title says, acquiring sites.

I will make contact with ***** again to say we are back on it as I need to arrange a survey so drawings can be done properly etc.

I hope you can appreciate I am being as transparent as possible with you all, there are some details I am not able to comment on due to sensitivity.

I hope you accept my apologies for the delays, but we are moving forward one step at a time.

Have a lovely and safe weekend and I'll be in touch when I know more.


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