April Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well during this unprecedented time.

I appreciate that this update may be one of the last things you are interested in, but I do like to make sure everyone is fully aware of what is going on, so here goes...

The build has been shelved! for the time being at least. This has come about after a number of residents no longer wished to participate in offering their locations as A or B sides. I appreciate they had their reasons for making these decisions. The issue was also compounded by the numbers who have registered their interest in the service, this currently stands at 64, a large number was lost when the decision not to invest in Kelsall due to another ISP actively procuring sites there.

After receiving the news and I fail to be defeated, I rallied around with the leads of Manley and Ashton Hayes Horton-cum-Peel parish councils and with Zoe, James and Andrew from Voneus and Paul Varey and Ian Walton we today had a very informative and productive Skype call. The 6 of us will continue to meet over the coming weeks.

From Voneus prospective, in order to make this work, we need to establish a new A side. A number of suggestions were put forward, all are to be looked into quickly.

Another is to increase the number of potential customers, critically we need around 200 more registrations of interest over all 3 local villages. We will be looking at how we can achieve this over the coming weeks. I have to stress that not all 200 need to be registered for this get going again, but numbers coming forward is key.

Registering interest does not form commitment to purchase, it highlights potential demand in the area.

I appreciate this is not the news many of you wish to read and perhaps some of you are like me trying to work from home on a very poor connection, whilst juggling the demands of online gaming, social media and video streaming from the younger generation. I have to say, this is not over and we are continuing to find ways to bring superfast, reliable broadband to those that need it.

Many of us have been in this from the beginning, I want you assure you we will continue to drive this. Voneus have not given up on us and neither have we.

We really do need you're help.

If you wish to register interest or wish to offer assistance, please don't hesitate to email me barmm.uk@gmail.com or feel free to reach out to either Paul or Ian.

Alternatively visit the Voneus website www.voneus.com


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