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Hello everyone, I know this is early days still, but Voneus are looking to provide a TV service to bolt onto the broadband packages they have on offer.

They are currently in the process of rolling this out in the City of Wells and have asked if this is something our community would be interested in taking up.

Voneus have partnered with Netgem https://www.netgem.co.uk/ who offer a TV service similar to Amazon TV, Netflix, BT TV etc.

This will have a cheaper cost than the likes of Sky and includes a premier sports package too!

More information can be found by clicking the link above.

If this is something you are interested in, please drop me an email with your name. barmm.uk@gmail.com

Next steps will be to roll out a telephone service package with the option of keeping your current number, this will remove the requirement for a landline altogether. This can save £19.99 /month in line rental charges for customers. You may even save on the cost of calls.

I will post more on this as information becomes available.


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