Meeting with Voneus

Good evening all, as some of you may be aware, I had another meeting with Voneus this evening.

I met with James Hurst (engineer) and Adam Goodman (project manager). They have been in the area again the last few days going over proposed sights to increase the reach of the service when this goes live.

Some of you may have received letters through the door if you were not at home. If you have done so, please may you respond to these as you may have been selected as a potential 'B' side. I am more than happy to be the intermediary if you prefer.

A big thank you to those who have already been approached and have agreed to become a 'B' side, I know some of you would like more information before committing which is understandable. Please remember, if you have a good internet connection already and do not wish to take the service on, please consider being a 'B' side to ensure that community members less fortunate stand a better chance of getting a connection they deserve. (also, you get internet for free!)

The meeting went well, very positive. The build is on track. Backhaul fibre is on order and Voneus are just awaiting a go live date on that, in the meantime, larger infrastructure will begin to be rolled out, this cuts down the time it takes for going live for us all. (everything will be ready to go the moment the backhaul gets plugged in). Homes and businesses already registered with interest with follow quickly, a blanket install if you will.

As I have said in previous posts, the network will grow outwards as time goes on, Ashton Hayes and Horton cum Peel in full, with Manley, Alvanley and Mouldsworth boundary's first, growing into Manley and Mouldsworth and beyond soon after. Again, I can't state this enough, we need community support to enable this to happen faster. Ideally, we want 95% + coverage for our area. Line of sight is king, hence the reason we may require more 'B' sides.

I have seen a number of Openreach vans outside Manley exchange recently, I am aware of problems as I am one of many on the receiving end of the issue (no shock there then). This is our time to move on to something better.

If you can speak to your neighbours about the new service, word of mouth is a very strong tool, that would be amazing.

Community togetherness is what this is all about. I am extremely proud to live in an area where community means so much to so many.

As always, if you would like to contact me please drop me an email

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