Minor but important update

I have a small update from Voneus regarding where they are at with the build, I hope this brings a smile to those of you who have been suffering for so long.

'We are at the stage where we are going to go and acquire/build everything now.

Sections of Mouldsworth, Manley will have to organically grow out of the network as there just is not a quick way of getting up there. So this will require some more time spent on it, but we are starting with Ashton Hayes and the outskirts of Mouldsworth and Manley imminently.'

This is most defiantly good news for us and as stated above, the network will grow out into other areas over time. I hope to push this through quickly for those in effected areas and am working closely with Voneus to identify where equipment needs to be installed to allow the network to grow.

As I have said on many an occasion, we need community support. Even if you are not interested in the service, if your home or business can become a hop point, we can reach those who are suffering.

Community togetherness is what this is all about. I need your help, please speak to your neighbours and lets get the entire area covered to ensure we are not left behind in this ever increasing digital age!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me barmm.uk@gmail.com

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