Major update October 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to an October update. This is quite a large one, so please bear with me.

As you know, I have met with Voneus this evening. I have been informed that there are some changes to the build which effect a group of people.

Kelsall is not longer part of the build, due to another ISP (Not BT) pushing ahead with building their 'Ultrafast' network in the village.

I am not able to share the name of this provider at this time but not many other providers offer 'Ultrafast'. Hopefully you can narrow it down somewhat.

I appreciate this is not the news you were all hoping for, however, on a positive note, 'ultrafast' (speeds of more than 300Mbps but less than 1Gbps) connection from a provider is an amazing leap forward for many, much better than anything BT have to offer and a prize that so many of us can only hope for. We can only surmise that this move is due to the shear interest that Voneus created and raised a few heads elsewhere. This is not the first time another ISP has muscled in on build projects.

I hope you appreciate where Voneus are coming from on this one.

When the Voneus service goes live, there may be an opportunity for those to request a connection, this will be on a case by case basis only.

Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth, Manley and beyond continues to move forward. There are some changes to the way the service will come to the area. It turns out that the huge masts on Kelsall Hill are operated by the Civil Aviation Authority and access to them is denied.

Backhaul connection will now come from Dunham on the Hill area.

This will improve connections to Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth Manley, Alvenley and surrounding areas. A number of residents in these areas will be contacted very shortly to discuss operating as 'B' Sides.

No firm 'go live' date has been given, but end of 2019 is when they are pushing for. This will depend largely on those people who Voneus will be speaking with in the next week or so.

I will be reaching out also to some of those individuals to offer any assistance they might need.

This is truly a community driven project now, no mast or diocese permissions, just local communities coming together to ensure this moves forward.

I hope you have found this update informative.

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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