Small September Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am conscious that I have not given any updates recently, this is due to there being very little to say and also the fact I have been away on holiday.

I have to say, for those of you who have not been to Bulgaria, it's a lovely place. In particular Obzor. Very much recommended. Take a look...

Anyway, today I spoke with Zoe Day from Voneus and she has informed me that there may be a minor delay to the build schedule. This is due to a small issue with a location where one of the main back haul feed was proposed to be installed.

Voneus have been working closely with the community in that area and with the people responsible for the building in question. As I have said in an earlier update, the pace of the build can be determined by the way wayleave permissions are granted and the community coming together.

Whilst this is a minor issue and the both parties involved believe this will be over come relatively shortly. I felt it was something our communities needed to be aware of.

Voneus still believe that the first live dates in our area will begin November.


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