Infrastructure engineer on site

I recently received an email from James Hurst, James is an Infrastructure Engineer with Voneus. We met up on Tuesday (18th June) at Chester services as there were some details he wanted to run past me. After 2hrs of chatting, looking through maps and details we parted ways with very positive vibes on both sides.

James had spent all day Tuesday around Kelsall surveying, measuring taking details of areas of interest to confirm points for the build.

James has spent all day today doing the same in Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth, Manley, Alvenley and Kingswood gathering data for that part of the extension.

All very promising.

I met James again this evening at Ashton Hayes Church, we gained access to the church spire to investigate line of site and discussed what best equipment would be required to cover Ashton Hayes, Horton-cum-Peel and on wards to Manley and beyond.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Liz Weston for organising also Phil and Alan Goodall for meeting us at the church and allowing us access.

After much discussion, we can say that St. John the Evangelist church in Ashton Hayes is fundamental to the build. There are some minor issues with regards to access when installing the equipment, but nothing that can't be dealt with. All the equipment will be well hidden and will not have any negative effect to the aesthetics of the building. Unless you know it's there an are looking for it, you'd never know.

James also stated that Kelsall was the village we really needed to assist with the build. Had Kelsall not come on board, it would have made this service very difficult to achieve. So a huge thank you to James Slater for reaching out to me some months back and for spreading the word in his community.

James will now map out the areas and points he has surveyed, procure the main access points and the infrastructure in the local areas will begin soon. There are a couple of places that need approval from landowners for installation but hopefully this will not be an issue.

James will be meeting heads of departments tomorrow with our build (called AMM to them) as the main discussion point. As I have said before, the main infrastructure will be beefy enough to ensure we all get the speeds and service we expect while future proofing for increased demand and custom.

It looks like Tiverton will go live first due to the location of the main backhaul then hop to Kelsall and move on.

I hope you can all feel confident we are on the right track now we have boots on the ground.

Onwards and upwards to superfast broadband

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