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Hi everyone, I wanted to make a quick update on last nights community meeting at Manley Village Hall.

We had a fantastic turn out to this event, I must firstly thank everyone who attended and showed their support.

I opened the evening with a quick introduction, the reasons behind the community driven broadband initiative. I then passed it over to Viki.

Viki began with a PowerPoint presentation on the history of Voneus which was inspired by two police officers over a coffee and how they hope to become a market leader in the future.

Viki also handed out leaflets which included company contact information and prices for each package they offer, this also included the cost of the voice over ip (voip) service that is to be enabled imminently. Information of which can be found HERE

Viki explained that typically users will receive connections of between 30-50Mbps, this will also vary depending on the package each user chooses.

It was asked if Voneus ‘throttle’ their connections, this is when your home broadband speed is slowed down by Voneus. Viki stated this does not happen. It may be a case of slower speeds if everyone connected to Voneus in the local area decide to stream a film for instance on Netflix. Viki said the likelihood of this was extremely slim. Business traffic will be given priority over residential traffic, but this is the norm for many ISP’s.

Business costs currently stand at £34.99 currently, this is due to Voneus not currently having an SLA in place. Once this has been finalised and implemented, a transition will begin to move to a £56.66 + VAT platform.

Do Voneus have an SLA? (Service level agreement)

Voneus currently do not have an SLA, however, changes are being made to assist with repairing outages as soon as possible with an SLA to be made up in the near future. An increase in engineers is underway, with interviews ongoing during the week and beyond.

Work on infrastructure will also be outsourced to increase build times.

Both packages are 24 month contracts. The £19.99/month package which has a data cap of 20GB/month allows the user to continue to use the internet after the limit has been reached, this is priced at £1 per GB.

Voneus are currently in discussions with a 3rd party provider to bring IPTV to your home via their connection. This service offers all freeview channels with the option to add additional paid channels. All brought to your home via the internet.

The system Voneus offers is a wireless internet service, this requires no landline, it does however require a line of sight to a main feed. A dish the size of a tea plate will be required and fixed to your home, this can be painted to ensure it blends in with your property. A single cable will run from your dish to your router. The router can be your own 3rd party or Voneus will provide you with one. An image of which is on this blog. The main internet back haul is called an 'A' Side, this is where your home will ultimately reach out to the internet.

A question was asked if the dish requires power? The dish will require power this can be provided via power over internet POE meaning only one cable needs to be fed from the dish into your home.

A question was asked about effects from weather.... Viki stated that these dishes are not effected by weather.

There are also area's which are called 'B' sides, an image of which is on this blog, the unit used for these is a long rectangle shape. These will require line of sight to the 'A' side, these can be placed in many areas, farmers silos, houses outbuildings church spires etc that are located on high ground.

Any home, business or location that is willing to become a 'B' side, will benefit from a free service and costs to cover any electricity usage, for as long as Voneus provide to that area and the device is attached to your property. Residents were asked if they would be interested in becoming 'B' sides to assist with coverage and a number agreed.

A few months back a light topography survey was completed by Voneus, unfortunately, the gentleman who ran this has now left the business, in light of this a new survey will be completed in the coming weeks. You may also receive contact from Voneus if your home or business is in a prime location to become a 'B' side. There is no obligation to take this on, however, it will assist with neighbours that are unable to get the service without it.

We must point out that properties that are surrounded by trees MAY not be able to receive the service, however, every effort will be made to bring the service to your property.

A number of places were discussed as possible 'A' sides, mainly Ashton Hayes church. Voneus is the prefferred partner with the Church of England, however, it was noted that perhaps this is not the best place for an 'A' side due to it not being high enough to cover the area we are looking at.

Viki asked about schools in the area and how they currently get broadband. It was noted that Manley Village school suffers from a poor internet connection, Voneus are happy to offer their service to schools in the area and if nominated by the community, will be able to receive a free service.

The majority of community members in attendance were happy with their speeds from their current ISP, however, the vast majority were unhappy with the reliability of the service, many people stated they had many drop outs and watching catch up TV was impossible for some.

Contention ratio (how many users are connected to one backhaul cable) is 20/1 with Voneus, BT residential lines are currently 50/1 however, Viki did say that BT might not be telling the truth with their numbers, this might be a lot higher.

Response times (ping) are around the 15-20ms mark with Voneus, the average response time from BT is around 15-30ms. The lower the ping, the better the connection for online gaming, streaming and video calling.

I will be meeting with the local schools in the coming days to discuss the option of taking the service.

Once the survey is complete I will update everyone with the results.

Voneus will be contacting the people who have already registered their interest with me and will also be speaking to people I have not been able to reach. Again, if you live in a prime location to become a 'B' side and are approached by Voneus, please take some time to consider. It may just help more people connect!

There will be no obligation to take the service at this time, we need to ensure we get as much coverage as possible before we discuss signing on the dotted line. If the service is not for you, again, there is no obligation, even if you have registered your interest.

Please note that the area of coverage has expanded into Kingswood also, if you live in this area, please speak to your neighbours or local businesses regarding interest.

If you require any further information please email myself or Viki and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you all once more for attending and to everyone who has taken an interest and the time to join me on this journey.

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