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Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather the UK has to offer right now, that said, I've just looked outside my window and it's not looking hopeful.

Please see below the latest update from Voneus on the build to bring superfast broadband to our homes.

'This project is at survey and design stage but to make it more manageable, we are breaking the build into several phases.Our surveyors are looking to find the best locations to be used as radio sites and we are also securing a location to deliver fibre as backhaul to our network.We must visit the area again before we sign-off the design, this will take place within 10 days.After signing off the agreed design, we enter the acquisition stage, fibre delivery, build of the radio sites and installation of your terminals.We will keep you posted with progress in the next two weeks.'

I hope you find this update as exciting as I do, there is clearly more work to be done, but, we are certainly heading in the right direction.

There is still time to register your interest, you will find a quick survey on our homepage. It only take a couple of minutes to complete.

Don't forget to spread the word about our project!!

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