VPNFilter Malware Targeting More Consumer Broadband Routers

Last month security researchers found that a sophisticated and “likely state-sponsored” malware, dubbed VPNFilter, had become widespread and was infecting business devices from Linksys, MikroTik, NETGEAR and TP-Link. Sadly the code is now also hitting kit from ASUS, D-Link, Huawei, Ubiquiti, UPVEL and ZTE.

More information can be found below

ISP review

Those wishing for a recent list of routers currently under threat are below.

It is recommended that you check your device model against the list, if you find it is indeed listed, you are advised to reboot the device, then factory reset it. Check online for the devices latest firmware and update it.

Some people might feel uncomfortable doing this, if this is the case, please email us and we will do our best to guide you through the process. BARMM.UK@gmail.com

Known Affected Devices

Asus Devices: RT-AC66U (new) RT-N10 (new) RT-N10E (new) RT-N10U (new) RT-N56U (new) RT-N66U (new)

D-Link Devices: DES-1210-08P (new) DIR-300 (new) DIR-300A (new) DSR-250N (new) DSR-500N (new) DSR-1000 (new) DSR-1000N (new)

Huawei Devices: HG8245 (new)

Linksys Devices:

E1200 E2500 E3000 (new) E3200 (new) E4200 (new) RV082 (new) WRVS4400N

Mikrotik Devices:

CCR1009 (new) CCR1016 CCR1036 CCR1072 CRS109 (new) CRS112 (new) CRS125 (new) RB411 (new) RB450 (new) RB750 (new) RB911 (new) RB921 (new) RB941 (new) RB951 (new) RB952 (new) RB960 (new) RB962 (new) RB1100 (new) RB1200 (new) RB2011 (new) RB3011 (new) RB Groove (new) RB Omnitik (new) STX5 (new)

Netgear Devices:

DG834 (new) DGN1000 (new) DGN2200 DGN3500 (new) FVS318N (new) MBRN3000 (new) R6400 R7000 R8000 WNR1000 WNR2000 WNR2200 (new) WNR4000 (new) WNDR3700 (new) WNDR4000 (new) WNDR4300 (new) WNDR4300-TN (new) UTM50 (new)

QNAP Devices:

TS251 TS439 Pro Other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software

TP-Link Devices: R600VPN TL-WR741ND (new) TL-WR841N (new)

Ubiquiti Devices:

NSM2 (new) PBE M5 (new)

Upvel Devices:

Unknown Models* (new)

ZTE Devices: ZXHN H108N (new)

* Malware targeting Upvel as a vendor has been discovered, but they are unable to determine which specific device it is targeting.


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