Update upon update

Hi everyone, just a quick update to let you all know that the initial scope has been completed by Voneus and they have reported no major issues.

The next stage now is a full list of interested parties.... please note that at no point are you contracted to anything and are under no obligation to buy the service once it is live.

To ensure all interested parties are catered for, we now require Name, Address, email and contact number. A more detailed map will be created and any line of sight issues will be ironed out.

If you are still interested in an alternative solution to what you are currently provided by copper wire or data sim, please can you drop me an email via the contact me section at the bottom of the main page.

Once we are happy that we have enough responses, the build will begin and should be live within 90 days.

The countdown has begun to superfast broadband for our rural communities and it's all thanks to you!!


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