Hello everyone, I wished to update you all on the current situation and how things are moving forward.

As you know, there has been a paper form survey of interest passed around the communities, there is also an online version for residents to register their interest in an alternative internet solution, whilst these are still live and I anticipate more surveys will still trickle in, I have informed each company listed here of the current numbers.

Unfortunately, one company have not responded to my emails, the second company have suggested that the current number of registrations is not enough and the third........ well, the third have said that they are now happy to go into the design phase!!!

This is great news for everyone. At this time, I don't have much information on the in's and out's.

That said, as soon as more information becomes available, I will most certainly keep you all informed.

Thanks to you and everyone who have made this happen.

Please continue to hand in your surveys, the more numbers we have the stronger the business case.

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