Update from Manley PC

I have been in contact with Ian Walton since my story began, Ian is the Chairman of Manley Parish Council.

Manley PC have been working with Connecting Cheshire and BT/Openreach to achieve superfast broadband.

I recently contacted Ian to discuss the website with him, again this has been received well. He has informed me that the website will be mentioned on the parish website HERE and also publicised on the community social networking site.

Thank you very much for that Ian!

I have a segment which I wish to share with you all from Manley PC's physical newsletter 'Manley News'.


Broadband remains patchy throughout the Parish and whilst the roadside cabinets are all fibre enabled, and new ones are being installed to serve Kingswood Park and Crossley Park, the final connection from the cabinet to your home is via copper cable, and the line speed drops considerably if you live more than 1km away from a cabinet. Connecting Cheshire, who are responsible for coordinating upgrades, tell us that they are in the process of appointing a supplier to undertake additional coverage, but can’t yet say if we’re included until later this year.

In the meantime, you can consider other options:

  • An alternative broadband service such as wireless or satellite and Connecting Cheshire are able to offer a subsidy via the government’s Better Broadband Scheme (http://www.connectingcheshire.org.uk/Betterbroadbandscheme) which offers a £350 subsidy for homes where speeds are 2Mbps or less. However, the scheme is currently due to end in December 2018.

  • Voneos offer a range of wireless services and already have some coverage in Dunham with speeds of up to 50Mbps. https://www.voneus.com/

Some providers such as BT offer a community funded option in which a match of community and BT funding can be combined to provide a bespoke solution to your locality. See BT Community Fibre Partnerships https://www.communityfibre.bt.com or Virgin Media’s Cable my Street. http://www.virginmedia.com/postcode-checker/


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