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I received this email from Ray Adams who is the regional manager

If you can generate some interest and get a reasonable number to register their details, no financial commitment’ I will reach out to other small communities in the area and see if we can get the numbers up that way.

The following is details about us and the packages along with a couple of press articles:

We are specialist in providing high speed broadband to rural communities across the UK and I would propose to build a pan village network to encompass and futureproof the entire community.

As discussed we do not require funding support from the community and there will be no charge to customers until they are live and working so there is no financial risk to the community at all.

Voneus is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (or "WISP") that uses advanced radio technology to deliver Superfast broadband services to customers in rural communities around the country.

We have over 3,000 customers across the UK . We are headquartered in London with regional offices in Shropshire, Cheshire, Somerset and Lincolnshire.

Our approach to is to buy a high speed fibre connection from a wholesale provider such as Virgin Media (our main partner), BT Wholesale and others. We then we use this connection (which typically comes through a fibre connected building or point within 10km of your community) to distribute a high speed wireless broadband signal via relay points (B sides or hop points) to customer homes and businesses.

These relay points can be village churches, farm silos, follies, office blocks or individual dwellings. Our relay points are selected on the basis of their strategic location and are generally on a vantage point in the village allowing onward connections to homes and businesses.

Our mission is to solve the broadband connection problem in communities which have been left unaddressed by the big providers. These are typically in the most challenging environments where terrain, distance between customers and the distance from the UK's core fibre network are all issues.

We do this by offering a "Fixed Wireless Access" solution which we have called "Wireless Fibre to the Premises.

The packages available are;

Essential £20.00 per month with a capped 20gb download per month

Freedom £34.99 per month Unlimited

Telephony £11.00 per month

Installation cost of £149.99, however free with BDUK voucher obtainable if you have very low broadband speeds

No money is taken until your property is receiving a live service.

The following links will take you to recent independent press articles on Voneus.


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