This page covers the current internet service providers who are able to offer superfast speeds to those currently unable to get fast, reliable connections by copper wire.

This service is called 'Fixed Wireless' and uses point-to-point via terrestrial microwave wavelengths.

To gain access to this service, a small dish is required to be located on the outside of the home.

Prices start at £19.95 per month for speeds up to 10Mbps download.

Some packages have download caps, please see websites for details.

BARMM has reached out to all the below companies to provide it's service to the area. Voneus have agreed to build their network in our area during 2019. To assist with demand profiling, please take a look at the websites below and if you have a preference, please register your interest* 

*No financial commitment to register



We’re now connecting the country. All of it.
Voneus is beaming a world of Superfast and Ultrafast broadband to forgotten rural communities.

Voneus have agreed to build their network in our area. Service plans currently ongoing

2 Packages available

Freedom 12 (Unlimited)- £38.99 /month Average Min Speed 24Mbps Upload/Download

Freedom 24 (Unlimited) - £34.99 /month Average Min Speed 24Mbps Upload/Download



We've built a super-fast outdoor wireless network across the North West and we're looking for other areas to expand our network.

4 Packages available (Unlimted Off-Peak Data)

Superfast Lite (100GB Cap) - £19.95 /month Upto 10 Mbps Download,   Upto 2 Mbps Upload

Superfast Extra (200GB Cap) - £29.95 /month Upto 20 Mbps Download, Upto 4 Mbps Upload

Superfast Plus (300GB Cap) - £39.95 /month Upto 40 Mbps Download, Upto 6 Mbps Upload

Superfast SoHo (500GB Cap) - £49.95 /month Upto 60 Mbps Download Upto 10 Mbps Upload



6G Internet is a UK based business that recognised early that traditional methods of delivering internet connectivity to customers would be unable to keep pace with the ever-accelerating demands as technology advanced. Traditional methods of internet delivery still rely on cables and telephone wiring that, in many cases, is many decades old and which was designed for telephone communication alone.

Coming Soon

5 Packages available

Essential 5 (1 Device) - £9.99 /month 5 Mbps Download, 2.5 Mbps Upload

Essential 10 (3 devices) - £14.99 /month 10 Mbps Download, 5 Mbps Upload

Superfast 20 (5 Devices) - £19.99 /month 20 Mbps Download, 10 Mbps Upload

Superfast 40 (10 Devices) - £24.99 /month 40 Mbps Download, 10 Mbps Upload

Turbo 100 (25 Devices) - £21.00 /month 100 Mbps Download, 10 Mbps Upload (£600 set-up fee)

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