Telephone exchanges are buildings owned and operated by Openreach. You might have past these lonesome buildings on your travels. They tend not to stand out too much.

The exchanges that Manley and Mouldsworth residents connect to to make calls and access the internet is Manley. The exchange is located just behind Manley Village hall.

Residents of Ashton Hayes and Horton-cum-Peel connect to the Kelsall exchange. This is located behind the Royal Oak pub on Dog Lane. 

Manley's exchange services approx. 400 premises, a small number of which are businesses.

Kelsall's exchange services approx. 1,800 premises, and approx. 100 are businesses.

Due to the large volume of premises that the Kelsall exchanges serves, this is classed as a LLU exchange.

LLU stands for Local Loop Unbundled, which means that other internet service providers are able to put their own equipment into the exchange to offer their services. This way of working helps bring down costs to the customers and increases competition between providers.

Sky and TalkTalk are two of the providers with their own equipment installed.

As Manley serves a smaller population, this exchange has not been LLU enabled. This means that only BT's equipment is installed within the building. This is not to say that other providers like Sky and Talk Talk cannot provide a service, it just means that they must use BT's equipment. Costs are higher and competition is minimal.

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